From Waste to Hydrogen: Embracing a Circular Economy

The City of West Torrens, in collaboration with Dryclone Australia (a subsidiary of Solo Resource Recovery), Peats Soil and Garden Supplies, and Greenhill Energy, has joined forces to explore the possibilities of a circular economy by utilising Municipal Solid Waste for hydrogen production through gasification.

Mayor Michael Coxon of the City of West Torrens expressed the council’s proactive approach in taking a leadership role in addressing climate change, energy issues, and waste management. He emphasised the potential of the project to tackle these challenges while contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment, aligning with the Community Plan 2030.

Solo Resource Recovery, along with its partners, is dedicated to introducing cost-effective technology to Australia, emphasising the diversion of residual waste from landfills and maximising recycling opportunities. The collaboration is seen as a significant step towards achieving these goals, and the involved parties are enthusiastic and honoured to be part of this initiative.