Upon your arrival at the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre our staff will direct you to the recycled organics section of our site, where you can safely dispose of your green and organic waste.


At the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (AWRC) we accept green waste and organic waste from residents and commercial businesses from across the Adelaide region.

We take great pride in the positive impact that our work has on the environment, and every tonne of green waste that we are able to recycle keeps waste out of landfills, which in turn makes our natural environment healthier.

The green waste services performed at the AWRC are in accordance with all Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements, while our certified management systems ensure that our operation is optimised to dispose of your green and organic waste safely and efficiently.

When the green waste arrives at our North Plympton location it is diligently separated, and any obvious contaminants are removed and redirected to their appropriate destination.

The processed green waste is then used to make environmentally friendly products such as high-quality compost and landscaping materials.

Some of the more common materials that we accept into our green organics waste stream include:

If you have any green or organic waste for the Adelaide tip you can drop it off at our disposal centre at 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton, Adelaide.

If you prefer it, please call one of our friendly staff on 08 8295 5077 or complete our contact form for more assistance and information.

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

Our friendly operators are available at the AWRC if you need to clarify any further information.

08 8295 5077