There are many waste disposal tasks that entail a visit to a local Adelaide rubbish dump and tip.

The Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (AWRC) in North Plympton can assist you with the disposal of your unwanted waste items, in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

The AWRC offers the best waste disposal services to Adelaide’s business and its residents, whether you are cleaning up the office, cleaning out the garage, or taking your recyclables in for environmentally friendly processing, and the AWRC is managed by Solo Resource Recovery, an Australian owned company with over eighty years of waste management experience.

Every day commercial and domestic vehicles arrive at the AWRC to drop off their waste. Upon arrival our staff sort all waste into recyclable or general waste categories. The sorting processes that we apply reduces the overall amount of waste that is taken to landfill. Our staff sort recyclable materials into multiple streams such as cardboard, glass, paper, and plastics. Electronics, gas bottles, tyres and used oil are also separated into their own streams and recycled.

Some of the more common recyclable rubbish types that we receive at the AWRC include:

The AWRC provides the businesses and residents of Adelaide with a local tip and rubbish dump option, while also helping them to avoid costly travel expenses when transporting waste to remote landfill destinations.

What is Landfill?

Landfill is essentially a large hole in the ground. It is the final destination for non-recyclable waste when all other recycling options have been exhausted, and there are no other alternatives for the disposal of the waste.  A landfill is often colloquially known as a garbage dump, rubbish dump or rubbish tip. At the landfill site rubbish is dumped and moved into the hole with earth moving machinery. The waste is then bulldozed and compressed as much as possible before being covered over.

The decomposition of waste in landfills is an anaerobic process, and it generates emissions which can be harmful to the environment, much like the vehicles used to transport the waste. And landfill waste can take many years to decompose, and it can emit noxious gases for decades.

It is for these reasons that the AWRC employs state-of-the-art environmentally friendly practices, which help remove and recycle as much waste as possible from the waste disposal stream. And as we are vastly experienced and recognised leaders in our field, we are a preferred option for Adelaide business and residents who wish you to employ and access the services of a local rubbish tip for their waste disposal needs.

To find out more about what we offer, including rubbish pick up, processing, recycling, and disposal, please give us a call on telephone 08 8295 5077.

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

Our friendly operators are available at the AWRC if you need to clarify any further information.

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