The Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (AWRC) provides a comprehensive range of waste collection, processing, recycling, and disposing of services to the Adelaide business and residential community and its surrounds. This includes the collection and processing of materials such as electronic waste, cardboard and paper, green waste, hazardous waste, metal, paint, and vehicle tyres.

Adelaide rubbish removal, recycling and disposal is our speciality here at the local tip, and as a community partner we know that there are many tasks that need the assistance of a local waste service provider such as ours. Following you will find an overview of the waste services that we provide at our waste and recycling centre in North Plympton, Adelaide.

It will give you an idea of the types of rubbish that we accept; how we can help you dispose of your unwanted waste items; and how the AWRC is helping to improve the environment by complying with government and agency rules and regulations.


The Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (AWRC) is managed by Solo Resource Recovery, and we are an independent Adelaide waste management company who provide commercial and residential waste services to businesses and homes across Adelaide and the surrounding regions.

Our services are available to commercial businesses and the general public and we welcome and will assist all with their waste disposal and recycling needs. We receive waste via our North Plympton waste transfer station. Once the waste has been received, it is sorted by our professional onsite staff into recyclable and non-recyclable waste categories. Once sorted, bulk waste trucks haul any non-recyclable waste to the nearest available landfill, and recyclables are moved onwards for future repurpose and reuse.

A landfill is a very large hole in the ground in a remote location, and it is the destination for any non-recyclable waste. Non-recyclable waste is added into the landfill after all other recycling options have been exhausted. Landfill waste can take decades to break down and it produces harmful gases, and it can generate emissions which are harmful to the environment, hence our ongoing efforts to minimise the volume of waste that goes into landfill in the first place. And through the environmentally friendly practices that we employ at our waste transfer station, we can reduce the volume of waste that is delivered to landfill locations.

This is of benefit to all South Australian residents, businesses, and councils alike.

The AWRC is an environmentally friendly and efficient operation which seeks to separate recyclable items from any waste destined to go to landfill, thus reducing the overall impact on the environment. Materials that are received at our waste and recycling centre are sorted into waste streams such as cardboard, glass, paper, and plastics. Industrial waste items such as electronics, gas bottles and oils are also processed into their own separate waste streams.

When waste first arrives at our centre a member of staff will advise where to place the waste, dependent on the type of material that is being disposed of.

Some of the more common waste items which we accept and process at our Adelaide location include:

When planning a trip to our waste management centre we advise that you consider the following suggestions prior to embarking.  To achieve the best outcome for yourself and the environment, we recommend that you undertake some pre-planning which will ensure a safe, efficient journey to the AWRC, and which will also assist with the unloading of the waste from your vehicle upon your arrival.

  1. To begin with, we recommend that you pre-sort your items by waste type into potential recyclable items or compostable waste, so that you can deliver your waste items to the appropriate area of the centre, and you should utilise heavy-duty tie downs cables and ropes, along with a tarp or purposed designed netting, to secure your rubbish to your vehicle, which will help prevent any movement and material from blowing away while you are in transit to the centre.
  2. If you have a large amount of waste to dispose of please consider making multiple trips to the centre, rather than making one single overburdened load, which will decrease the likelihood of any spillage or accidents.
  3. Finally, you should be aware that the state of South Australia has laws surrounding the transportation of waste road safety purposes, and it is advisable that you are compliant with these laws at all times.

If you have any questions regarding your waste disposal requirements please contact us directly. Our friendly staff are available on 08 8295 5077, or through the contact form above, and they will happily assist you with your enquiries.

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

Our friendly operators are available at the AWRC if you need to clarify any further information.

08 8295 5077