The AWRC is managed by Solo Resource Recovery, an independent Adelaide waste company who provide commercial waste services to businesses across Adelaide and the surrounding region. We are also open to the public for domestic waste disposal.

Waste is received into our waste transfer station via multiple single vehicle loads. It is sorted by our professional staff onsite into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Bulk waste trucks then haul any non-recyclable waste to the nearest landfill.

Our waste transfer station helps to reduce the volume of waste going into Landfill. All Landfills combined across Australia produce around 20M tonnes of waste every year. At least 1000 landfills are located across the country.

Designated land fill locations in Australia are usually situated in very remote locations away from residential areas, due to the smell and noxious gases from decomposing waste.

Our local North Plympton waste facility and bulk haulage of waste to the remote landfill destinations increases the overall efficiency of waste disposal for residents, businesses, and councils.

Reducing the number of trips required to such remote locations has a positive impact on the environment. Carbon emissions are reduced through improved transportation efficiency and there is also a reduced overall volume of waste going to landfill in the first place. This is largely thanks our sorting processes.

Essentially a landfill is a very large hole in the ground. The final destination for non-recyclable waste. Waste is dumped and pushed into the hole with machinery after alternative recycling options have been exhausted.

The Waste is bulldozed and compressed as much as possible. Landfill Waste can take decades to break down, and can go on producing harmful gases for the entire duration. Anaerobic processes in the decomposition of waste in landfills generate emissions which can be harmful to the environment, hence the ongoing effort to minimise the volume of waste to landfill.

Conversely, the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre is an environmentally efficient operation which seeks to separate recyclable items from any waste destined to landfill. We effectively provide a full range of Adelaide waste services to both commercial and domestic customers, seven days a week.

Any recyclable materials are sorted into multiple waste streams such as glass, cardboard, paper, and plastics. Items such as electronics, oils and gas bottles are also processed into their own separate waste streams.

On arrival to the AWRC a gatehouse attendant will advise where to dump your waist depending on the type of material being disposed.

Some of the more common waste items collected at this Adelaide tip are:

There are a few points to consider before embarking. It isn’t just a matter of throwing the waste into a trailer. Some pre-planning will greatly assist in the unloading of your vehicle, and ensure a safe, efficient journey to the Adelaide Waste & Recycling Centre.

  1. If disposing of any potential recyclable items or compostable waste, pre-sort the items by waste type so you understand what waste items belong to which area at the tip.
  2. Use heavy-duty tie downs, along with a tarp or purposed designed netting to secure your rubbish, and prevent material blowing away. South Australia has laws surrounding the transportation of loads for road safety purposes, and it’s advisable to ensure you are complient.
  3. Try to make a couple of sensible trips rather than a single overburdened load, which can result in burning more fuel and increase the risk of spillage and accidents.

Our friendly operators are available on 08 8295 5077 to discuss if you require further information. Solo Resource Recovery are also available, if you require any Adelaide business waste services.

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

Our friendly operators are available at the AWRC if you need to clarify any further information.

08 8295 5077